Professional email service

No website. No hosting.
No problem

Everything for your email needs

Extilum Professional email service works with any domain name you own – even if it’s registered, hosted, or parked elsewhere.
10 GB email
10GB Mail
€ 1,65
Renews at 3,95 / mo.*
Billed annually
10 Mailboxes Included
  • 10 Aliases
  • 10 Mailing lists
  • 100 Hourly Emails
  • 10GB Email Storage
50 GB email
50GB Mail
€ 6,65
Renews at 8,45 / mo.*
Billed annually
50 Mailboxes Included
  • 50 Aliases
  • 50 Mailing lists
  • 300 Hourly Emails
  • 50GB Email Storage
100 GB email illustration
100GB Mail
€ 12,65
Renews at 15,45 / mo.*
Billed annually
Unlimited Mailboxes Included
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • 100 Mailing lists
  • 500 Hourly Emails
  • 100GB Email Storage
* Tax not included
* Discount is calculated at the checkout
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Included With Every Professional email service Plan

Secure Webmail

Web-based access to your email accounts, calendar, contacts, tasks and portal.

Secure Email Storage

Emails stored securely on our private cloud with no advertising.

2-Factor Authentication

Keeps your Private/Business Email account 100% safe even if your password has been stolen.

Powerful Anti-Spam Protection

Powerful Antispam Protection


Standard protocols that can be used for email sending and receiving in all email clients.

Full Mobile Support

Syncronization of email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to your mobile device.

Collaboration features

Collaboration Tools

Shared calendar and contacts


Synchronize you files from various devices to the Webdisk.


What is a professional email?

Email service is a dedicated service that works autonomously from website hosting. You can create as many emails as you want and manage them with a simple and intuitive interface. You don’t need a website or web hosting.

Do I need a domain?

Yes, you will need to own a domain obtained either through Extilum or a different registrar. If you already have a domain with another registrar, we can help you set up DNS records. If you transfer your domain to us, we automatically configure it to work with your email.

What if I don't have a domain?

Extilum offers a wide variety of TLDs to choose from to showcase your business and brand. Find your new domain now!

What are the advantages?

Anyone can create a free email account and claim to be a professional. A custom email address will separate you from the spammers and scammers of the world! Some numerous studies and surveys show customers are more likely to business with those who use professional email addresses!

Can I set up email on any device?

Extilum professional Email service is fully compatible with any device or mail client.