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Your first step is a domain name search. The most popular choice is .com, but if you find that version of your domain is unavailable, don’t worry. You can use many other domain extensions for some pretty cool combinations. Besides offering the most commonly registered top-level domain (TLD) options, Extilum has many other TLD options to suit your needs! Get started by using our simple domain registration field! Extilum has got you covered regardless of where your location is! Extilum is an authorized reseller for .hr domains by CARNET as well.


What is the domain?

A web domain is a name given to recognize a website. You enter a website’s domain name into your web browser to visit a website. For example, to see Extilum, you can enter the domain name into your browser.

Think of the internet as a large base of addresses. When you want to visit someone, you need their address. When you want someone to visit your website, they need your website address or your domain.
Your website has an IP address made up of a string of numbers. But Instead of using that string of numbers, the domain name is an alternative. Domain name system (DNS) takes care of this.

If you want to visit Extilum, all you need to do is remember the domain name “” You do not need to know the IP address. When you type in into your browser, your request is sent to DNS. DNS looks up the IP address for and directs you to our website.

Register domain names through Extilum to get started with your website now!

What Is DNS?

DNS is a database of IP addresses. Each IP address contains a series of numbers that enable computer communication. The IP address pinpoints a website. When you enter a domain name into the browser, DNS translates it into an IP address because computers understand numbers. Your computer can connect to your domain hosting and show your website on the web browser once the IP address is found.

What Are TLDs & ccTLDs?

TLD is an abbreviation for top-level domain. A TLD is the extension of a domain name that comes after the dot. TLDs most used examples .com, .net, .biz, .info and .org. The TLD means something appropriate to the domain. Like .com TLD stands for a “commercial.”
A ccTLD is a country code top-level domain. It signifies websites location in certain countries. However, most of the ccTLD options don’t have restrictions regarding who can register a domain name.

What Is a domain registration?

A domain name registration is a simple process of reserving your website’s name for a specified period. The user registers the domain with the help of the domain registrar (Extilum).
Registries manage each TLD option. When you search Extilum to register the domain, we check with the registry. It controls the TLD of the domain you are interested in registering to see if the domain is available. If it discovers that the TLD domain you want is available, the registrar adds it to their registry and gives you access to it. Suppose the domain for that TLD is unavailable because another user has already registered it. In that case, you will see during the domain registration process that the domain is unavailable.

Most countries control a Network Information Center (NIC). A NIC is a central database with all of the information about domain names and their IP addresses. The non-profit organization, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is in charge of creating and managing internet namespaces’ procedures.

Do I need hosting?

To have a website, you need to have both the domain name and a web hosting.
Hosting is a service to store all the files that make your website, so registering a domain and not having a place to host it is like not having it at all.
At Extilum, we offer domain name registration and domain hosting! Simplify the administration of your website by having both in a single location!

How do I manage my domain?

When you register domain name at Extilum, you get access to our user-friendly Extilum control panel. You can manage your domains and all the features included with your Extilum domain registration in this control panel. Customize your nameservers, transfer in a new domain, DNS, and much more!